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Counseling Center Provides Support for 学生2011年3月10日,星期四
Recently, the center has started up a number of support groups, including a group for long-distance... 阅读更多»
Alumna's Cancer 研究 Builds Case for 针灸2011年3月7日,星期一
Erin Moran, DAOM, MS, investigates a cure for nerve damage from chemotherapy. 了解她... 阅读更多»
Andrew Brandeis, naturopathic doctor, sitting at his iHealth booth.
ND Alumnus Promotes Innovative Mobile Health Technology 2011年2月23日,星期三
The iHealth Blood Pressure Dock combines hardware, including a docking station and a blood pressure... 阅读更多»
Top Chef winners Sasha and Tina at work in the kitchen.
Student 营养 Association Hosts First "Top Chef: Bastyr" Competition2011年2月10日,星期四
The winners, Sasha Selden and Tina Fogall, from the Bachelor of Science in 营养 and Culinary... 阅读更多»
Bastyr Welcomes New Member to Board of Trustees2011年2月8日,星期二
David Lang brings a wealth of nonprofit leadership experience to the Board 阅读更多»
Chef 吉姆·沃特金斯 brings his sustainable, whole food approach to campus 阅读更多»
Bastyr Testing Natural Medicine Therapy at Hawaii Cancer Retreat2011年1月20日,星期四
Farm's location offers restorative qualities that could help boost immune systems 阅读更多»
Bastyr Graduate Brings Naturopathic Relief to Haiti2011年1月12日,星期三
Sabine托马斯, ND, is helping change the way the world provides disaster aid 阅读更多»
Clear skies, cold temperatures for 13th Annual "Splash and Dash" 阅读更多»
学生村获得美国奖学金.S. 绿色建筑委员会2010年11月19日,星期五
University's student housing is honored as Outstanding Multifamily Project of the Year 阅读更多»
感兴趣的研究? UC8体育首页有你的掩护 星期四,2010年11月11日
Although students have been involved in research at the University for years, 2010 has seen the... 阅读更多»
Bastyr Names Mission and Founders' Awards Winners星期一,2010年10月18日
Event honored University's founders while highlighting the accomplishments of those in natural... 阅读更多»
Exercise Grad Mixes Massage with Wellness Counseling2010年10月2日,星期六
Kit Rodiek already had a fulfilling career as a massage therapist, but obtaining a degree in... 阅读更多»
The award from the National Institutes of Health is in collaboration with the University of... 阅读更多»
UC8体育 and Fred Hutchinson Cancer 研究 Center Receive $3.100万美元资助乳腺癌研究2010年7月21日,星期三
The five-year study will examine how integrative medicine affects outcomes for breast cancer... 阅读更多»
Bastyr Study Indicates Qigong May Help People with Type 2 Diabetes2010年1月27日,星期三
The 5,000-year-old system of stationary and moving meditation may help lower some of the markers... 阅读更多»
Larry Johnson, MD, Bastyr Integrative Oncology Center 研究 Participant 星期一,2009年8月31日
To increase his chances of survival after a cancer diagnosis, this allopathic physician sought out... 阅读更多»
Barbara Nord, Bastyr Integrative Oncology Center 研究 Participant 星期四,2009年8月27日
In March 2009, Barbara Nord became a research participant at the Bastyr Integrative Oncology... 阅读更多»
辛西娅·巴克斯顿, ND, Bastyr Integrative Oncology Center 研究 Participant 星期四,2009年8月27日
This 1999 UC8体育 graduate is thankful for the naturopathic treatment she's receiving to... 阅读更多»
Carlson Unites 营养 and 心理学 in Practice星期四,2009年4月2日
Eliza Carlson, a 2007 graduate of Bastyr's Master of Science in 营养 and Clinical 心理学,... 阅读更多»
Dream Comes True for Health 心理学 Graduate2007年4月1日,星期日
Dori Berge made mothering the focus of her life for many years. 47岁那年,她回到了... 阅读更多»
运动科学 Graduate Helps Counsel Athletes2006年10月2日,星期一
Brandon Dudley's work serves everyone from elite athletes to people wanting to start an exercise... 阅读更多»
Headshot of Celebrity nutritionist Cherie Calbolm
Cherie Calbom ("The Juice Lady") is the author of ten books and a well-known nutritionist, with her... 阅读更多»