Kaleb C. 伦德博士


Dr. Lund has a strong 回来ground in chemistry and toxicology and applies these sciences to his current passion - botanical medicine.  His interests lie in the chemical and ecological relationships that form the foundation of plant medicine and draws on these relationships when working with plants in the laboratory, 教室里, 或者用它们来治愈. 

2007年加入UC8体育(UC8体育)从事博士后研究. 隆德开始接受草药和天然产品研究方面的培训.  从那时起, 他曾担任研究实验室主任, has been credentialed as a registered herbalist by the American Herbalists Guild, and now serves as core faculty in the 植物医学系 where he trains students in pharmacognosy, 药物学, 膳食补充剂的规管, 天然产物研究.   


  • Core 教师, 自然疗法医学院, 植物医学系
  • UC8体育研究所助理研究员


Dr. Lund is currently teaching classes through the departments of Botanical Medicine and Basic Sciences.  他的重点是植物学研究, phytochemistry/pharmacy and dietary supplement quality and regulations.  His research interests include developing models to improve the validity of 在体外 assessment of botanical medicines including simulated digestion and hepatic metabolism as well as analytical methods that account for the complexity of whole herbal products. Dr. Lund continues to mentor graduate and undergraduate students in a multitude of exciting and creative research projects developed by students in the herbal science and nutrition programs. 


Dr. Lund works closely with graduate and undergraduate students to mentor them in various natural products research projects including constituent analysis by HPLC/GC-MS, 细胞培养, 分子生物学, 和线粒体传感. 

His current projects include: studying the anti-inflammatory mechanisms of Oplopanax澳洲 (Devil’s Club); modulation of opiate-induced neuroinflammation by Salvia divinorium (Diviner’s Sage) and its potential to treat addiction; and the development of meaningful, 植物药物研究的体外模型. 



  • 2000年获得明尼苏达大学生物化学学士学位
  • 2004年获明尼苏达大学化学硕士学位
  • 2007年获明尼苏达大学毒理学博士学位
  • 2010年UC8体育中草药博士后培训



Dr. Lund’s graduate research focused on mitochondrial toxicity of pharmaceuticals — studying the effects of anti-HIV nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs) on mitochondrial respiration, 基因表达和能量信号.

作为博士后研究员 巴斯提尔大学研究所 (布利),博士. Lund expanded his research interests to include herbal science research, 包括准备, authentication and assessment of the biological activities of botanical medicines. His postdoctoral research involved the study of how excess glucose leads to mitochondrial dysfunction using 在体外 models of hyperglycemia-induced endothelial dysfunction. This research demonstrated that an extract of Japanese dogwood fruit (山茱萸officinalis) prevents NF-κB activation and protects mitochondria from hyperpolarization caused by excess glucose.  

最近博士. Lund served as the Director of 研究 Laboratories at BURI for three years, 管理和维护活动, multi-study, 天然产物研究实验室.  He worked to expand the analytical and basic science research capabilities of UC8体育 and strived to keep active projects running smoothly.  在此期间. Lund mentored 18 undergraduate and graduate student research projects ranging from the immunomodulatory effects of Devil’s Club (Oplopanax澳洲)到在Crossvine中发现利血平(紫葳capreolata). Additionally, using an industry funded grant, he established a method for modeling 在体外 intestinal absorption and applied it to combinations of quercetin, curcumin and resveratrol.



本科生:中药科学研究方法, 植物鉴定的试验方法, 草药科学的QA/QC, 生药学, 草药学药理学概论, 草药科学与普通化学的研究应用I & II.




Dr. Lund的兴趣包括线粒体生物能量学, 由植物调节炎症和免疫, improving the models of 在体外 herbal assessment to decrease the use of animal models and the analytical examination of botanicals to demonstrate chemical diversity within species. His dream is to develop methods that account for the complex and emergent pharmacology of botanical medicines.

Dr. Lund is a clinical herbalist and magical philosopher interested in the interaction of the human organism with plants and the natural world at the chemical/physiological, 情感和精神层面. He is particularly interested in the process in which plants facilitate healing through biochemistry, 情感联系,最终通过意识. Dr. Lund enjoys reading (and putting into practice) classical texts on herbalism and western mystery traditions, 特别是占星术和草药的结合. 



Dr. Lund believes that the return to health involves the integration of the self into the ecosystem – specifically the realization that you are an integrated part of your environment and that disease represents the separation of our consciousness self with our organism or environment. 

当在教室或实验室教学时,博士. Lund tries to facilitate personal ownership of knowledge by encouraging the individual’s flow of insights and mistakes in an environment free of judgment. 



  • 美国草药协会专业会员
  • 转化健康科学研究所学者



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Kaleb C. 伦德博士
Kaleb C. 伦德博士